And other free TV viewing ideas
Jay Turner

The HDTV antenna is not very big.

The external antenna, the RCA ANT751R, is about 3 foot long and $45 from

FREE TV! from an over-the-air, HDTV ANTENNA.
HOW TO DO IT in our NSHD, the nuts and bolts: Jay Turner 7/4/2014

Local TV is free with an antenna
BOTTOM LINE - NO CABLE BILLS! More info and related links: Jay Turner 4/10/17

One NSHD, Inc. Board member, Gary Johnson, tried out the EXTERNAL ANTENNA. "I connected the antenna directly to the house cable and bam! Fifty-one perfectly clear channels!" Gary used the external antenna, shown in the picture, as it made his installation easier.

I tried an antenna in the 500 block of North Ainsworth, 56 clear channels, HDTV too, as expected.

I Did it and I'm Glad I Did!
A humorous story of getting it done: Bill Johnston 7/2/2014 Bill's story

FREE MOVIES! 8/19/14
Thousands of them.