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Tacoma North Slope Historic District

The Board of Directors of NSHD, Inc. meets four times a year. If you would like to attend a Board meeting, or have an item for the Agenda, please write to:

If you have a question about the NSHD, please click below and it will be directed to the appropriate individual.

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2021 Board of Directors

Deborah Cade Chair 253-593-4569
Julie Turner Secretary/Communications 253-383-2329
Todd Shepherd Treasurer 360-649-5212
Judith Martin Programs/Fundraising 253-307-7949
Marshall McClintock Historic Preservation/Public Works 253-627-4408
John Butler Neighborhood Outreach 253-627-3379
Tom Giske Beautification 425-301-4408
Geoff Corso   253-627-4408
Roger Johnson   253-272-5894
Lynda Shepherd   253-579-7942
Gyda May   253-441-9763
Karen May   253-779-0160
Melinda Gordon   253-961-9733
Alex Straub   206-349-1132