The City intends to offer an updated Residential Parking Permit Program for residential areas that regularly experience high parking density caused by an influx of non-resident vehicles. An example of such parking in NSHD would be hospital employee parking on streets near Division.

The objective of the program is to establish parking priority for residents and their guests. Non-permit vehicles will be allowed to park for short terms (typically 90 minutes or 2 hours.) Parking Services will enforce the new regulations for non-compliant vehicles.

This program is not intended to guarantee residents a space in front of their homes, but rather to ensure that longer term non-residential vehicles don’t prevent residents from finding convenient parking near their own home. Highlights of the new program’s features:

  • Minimum zone size will be 4 contiguous block faces. This could be four block faces in a straight line, or four block faces surrounding a block making a square or some combination of both.
  • Zones will be considered by Resident request. Residents will be able to go to the program’s website to see if their address/area is eligible and learn how to get a petition started if they do want to propose a Zone.
  • A more consistent enforcement effort will be supported by permit fees.
If you’re interested in learning more about the new Residential Parking Zone plan, or how to make a zone, go to this website: or call 253-591-5371