North Slope Coffee House

618 North 1st Street, Tacoma, WA 98403

North Slope Coffee House, at the entrance to Stadium Thriftway, is just the latest of the food-related ventures of Denny Faker. Not only is Denny a long-time NSHD home owner, but he was, for years, the operator of the popular Bavarian Restaurant, at North K and Division, before moving on to selling coffee at Stadium Thriftway.

It was Denny and Bill Johnston who actually started the neighborhood meetings, held upstairs at the Bavarian in the mid-1990s, that eventually became the neighborhood organization that we have today. His support of NSHD has always been unwavering.

In addition, he has spent years promoting the Stadium Business District, and years working on the New Tacoma Neighborhood Council. He is also a great barbecue chef with a great line of palaver to sell the goods!

We thank him for his contribution to the sponsorship of the NSHD newsletter, Trolley Times, and the NSHD neighborhood.

Please Google "North Slope Coffee Shop" for more information.